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Dodgeball Rules & Registration



To sign up for our Dodgeball League, you must have an active Club Membership.  Please sign up using our Online Registration site here.

Registration deadline is Sept. 13th.  Fee is $5 per child and can be paid online or at the Club.  For more information, questions, or issues, please contact the Club at 217-355-5437 or email the Program Coordinator, Andrew Malinowski.

Dodgeball Rules

The Players

Teams consist of up to 6-8 six players.
An even amount of players on each team will be on the court to start each game.
Minimum 5 players.


The white lines make up the boundary for dodgeball games.
Players must remain inside white lines at all times. The black half court line divides the court in half.
The white line closest to the half court line is designated as the neutral zone.


8 balls will be placed at the half court line at the beginning of each game.


No one that is not on the roster at the beginning of the league may substitute for a team.
Players can only be on one roster.


Retrievers will be designated volunteers who will place balls back into play.


Each regular season match will consist of 3 games.  The winner will be determined by which team wins two matches.

Each match will have a 20 minute time limit.
If time limit is reached in the middle of a game the game will be decided by number of players left on each team.  If same number of players remain for each team the game will end in a tie. 

Starting a Game

Each player must have one foot on the white line to begin game.
Players will rush to retrieve balls that are placed on the center line. 
One player from each team must rush to grab balls.
A ball must cross the neutral zone in order to be thrown. 
A ball can be passed or carried across the neutral zone.
Players can grab as many balls as they want.


If player is hit the player is out.
If the player is hit in the head the player who threw the ball is out.
If player attempts to block a ball with another ball and the ball used to block is dropped the player is out.
If a player throws a ball and the ball is caught in the air by another player the player who through the ball is out.
If any part of a player’s body touches outside the boundary lines the player is out.
If a player’s body touches or crosses the dividing line the player is out.


Players may use balls to block opposing throws.
If the ball being blocked touches the player in any way the player will be out.
If the player blocks a ball and the ball they use to block is dropped the player is out. 


If a thrown ball is caught the player who threw the ball is out and one person from the team is allowed to reenter the game. 
If a ball his blocked into the air and caught the player who threw the ball is out and one person from the team is allowed to reenter the game.
If a player is hit and the ball is deflected into the air and caught by the team the player who threw the ball is out, the person who was hit is still in the game and a player is allowed back into the game. 

Uniforms/Dress Code

All players must wear closed toed athletic shoes to participate.

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