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The best praise we can get comes from the amazing and wonderful young people we serve.




“The Boys & Girls Club has become a security blanket for me because it is a place where I feel safe and secure. The Club gives me an opportunity to share my experiences and to become a better role model for my peers and younger Club members. I have also learned the importance of volunteering and being culturally open-minded.”


JAMIE – 17 years old


“Power hour has taught me lattice, lattice is a way of multiplying easier.”


STEFANI – 4th Grade


“What I like about the club most of all is the homework help and educational skills I’ve learned and the snack.”


CARLANDRA – 4th Grade


“Power Hour & D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) has helped me improve with my reading and writing and I LOVE the games room.”


  DWAYNE – 4th Grade


“Don Moyer has made a huge impact in my life. From attending Teen Nights and participating in TeenREACH when I was young, to now serving youth as a staff person, Don Moyer is continuing to make a positive impact on my life.”


RORY – Alumnus of Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club and former staff person.


“I like the Boys and Girls Club because it gives me the chance to have fun with my friends and to meet new people. It is way better than staying at home with nothing to do.”


ZA’MORA – 3th Grade


The Club has connected me with two important things—positive male role models and opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have.”


DEMARCO – 8th Grade