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Not all youth face the same issues. Additional programs help them deal with some of the most extreme circumstances.

StreetSMART (Gang Prevention through Targeted Outreach)

Partnering with the Champaign and Urbana Police Departments, StreetSMARTs, the Gang Prevention through Targeted Outreach program identifies young people who may be at-risk for gang involvement. By assessing their needs and involving them in positive activities, the program helps youth steer clear of gangs.

Illini Mentoring Program

Unique to other mentoring programs, Illini Mentoring Program provides members with an adult mentor on Saturdays to guide them through day-to-day life and receive additional homework help.

D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) Reading Program

D.E.A.R. provides every club member the chance to improve their reading scores in school, by providing schedule reading time each week (30 minutes) to focus on reading improvement. Trained staff assesses each club member and provide books to foster development and leisurely FUN!

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