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Standard Programs

Keystone Club*

The Keystone Club is for members 14- to 18-years-old who show leadership potential. Through service within their Clubs and in their communities, “Keystoners” work to promote education, career preparation and community service. Their opinions are valued and they are encouraged to pitch in and assist wherever they see a need.

Torch Club*

Members ages 11- to 13-years-old join in programs and activities developed by members themselves. Through participation and planning, members learn democratic principles like freedom, justice and tolerance. Torch Club members engage in service-learning projects like planting trees, and cleaning up streets, blocks, parks, playgrounds and streams.

Youth of the Year*

Each month, a teen who excels in Club, home, school and community activities is chosen as the club’s Youth of the Month. A photo and bio are posted and they prepare for the Youth of the Year Competition. Teens who win at the Club level move on to the statewide competition.

* Provided quarterly at every club.

Standard Activities

  • Volunteer Service 
  • Team Building Activities and Icebreakers 
  • Assist with and Plan Club Events

Optional Programs

  • Girls Scouts or Boy Scouts

Standard Practices

  • Character Building 
  • Individual Guidance

Special Events

Keystone Conferences—Regional and National 

Young Women’s & Young Men’s Conferences